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MOCA Toronto’s Grand Opening

Hush Hush: Dewey Decimal To Digital
November 15, 2018
99 Old Colony Road
November 15, 2018

T he Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto (MOCA Toronto) recently celebrated its grand opening with a community celebration. This community hub on Sterling Road, located in the Junction Triangle, spreads over 55,000 square feet of space between five floors, encompassing two main exhibition floors as well as smaller program spaces, all of which will invite collaboration and conversation. MOCA prides itself on their approach to showcase Canadian artists, both globally recognized and some not yet discovered.

The museum is in a defining phase of its evolution, as it moved into a landmark heritage building and further advances 20 years of exhibiting, collecting and nurturing innovative contemporary art and cultural practices. MOCA’s goal is to be a “listening museum” that’s a welcoming place, where artists and their work are able to pose proactive questions.