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Let the Sunshine in

Chotto Matte Grand Opening
July 9, 2019
Michele Taras
July 9, 2019

W ith a desire to create a very stately and timeless version of modern design, BLDG Workshop worked closely with the homeowners of this Sunnylea home to create a grounded, yet airy feeling home. Taking just under two years to complete the renovation, the BLDG team ensured that every room was tangibly connected to the other.

From the main entrance, the dining and living room are partly hidden, but as you move further into the house you are able to fully view the exterior rear yard. Moving towards the staircase to the bedrooms, the expansive space continues to be interconnected and experienced from above, creating an open and inviting feel to the home.

By working with a home that had such high ceilings and so many windows, natural light become the main connecting theme throughout. By using this light as a design tool, grays and monotone colours were incorporated to contrast the bright natural light.

The most challenging task to overcome during the design renovation was getting the light to properly connect throughout the home. In order to draw the south facing light to flow through the home, the BLDG team had to work their way through different areas including heights and widths of glazing so that the desired result could be achieved.

The home’s most noteworthy hidden gem is the outdoor dining room. Accessed from the kitchen, a fully removable bi-fold door allows the kitchen and dining room up to open up and become one large outdoor space.

The main floor works cohesively, inviting you through it and out to the backyard. The area as a whole works in conjunction with the views to the backyard, drawing you to the outdoor dining room and large yard.

The team had taken the time to listen to the homeowners’ desires to incorporate natural light throughout the home. At the end of the day, the clients were thrilled with the transformation, singing the praises of BLDG Workshop.