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Kandy Gallery – Neil Dankoff Photography

99 Old Colony Road
November 15, 2018
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November 15, 2018

N Neil Dankoff, born and raised in Montreal, is one of Canada’s best photographers. After graduating from McGill University and before moving to Toronto, he bought his first digital camera and instantly fell in love with photography.

The completely self-taught photographer now exhibits his photos in Toronto’s Hotel X, a luxury resort hotel located on the Lake Ontario Waterfront. With nearly 800 completely different shots taken in cities ranging from China to Iceland to South Africa and many others, Dankoff calls this opportunity the gig of a lifetime.

His method of using multiple exposures and focal points to capture landscapes separates him from others. Neil was given two years to travel around the world and take photos specifically for the Hotel X exhibit. Every floor of the hotel takes the viewer to a different location. For example, Croatia covers the seventh floor, while the eighth floor is filled with photos from Bolivia.

Dankoff had never really travelled anywhere except to Florida, where his grandmother had a property. At the age of 40, he took a trip to Israel and never stopped. Along with finding his passion for travel, he found himself obsessed with taking photos of his adventures. Comparing his photography process to practicing yoga, Dankoff loves the moments when he’s setting up, just a few minutes before the sun rises waiting for things to unfold.

In 2015, Neil opened Kandy Galleries in Montreal along with partners Derek and Kirsty Stern. By early 2018, he had opened another Kandy Galleries in the lobby of Hotel X Toronto and has plans to open a third location in Dallas by the end of the year.