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The World’s Most Spectacular Treehouses
July 9, 2019
Built to be Loved
July 9, 2019

D uring summer of 2015, Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze embarked on a surf trip to Bali in search of big waves but, what they found were beaches covered in garbage. After paddling through a devastating amount of plastic in the ocean and watching fishermen pull their boats through mounds of trash, they returned home with an urgent desire to clean the world’s oceans. They didn’t know it at the time, but in that moment, 4ocean was born. 4ocean is now a global ocean cleanup company: recovering and recycling ocean plastic, advocating for sustainable innovation and inspiring people around the world to reduce their consumption of single-use plastic.

Global cleanups are funded entirely through the sale of products, where every item purchased funds the removal of at least one pound of trash from the ocean. By creating jobs, utilizing the latest technology and raising awareness about the impact of trash in the ocean, 4ocean is building the first economy for ocean plastic while creating a cleaner, more sustainable future for the ocean.

It has been over two years since co-founders, Andrew and Alex, opened the doors of 4ocean. The Florida-based company now employs over 300 people, has removed over 4.5 million pounds of trash and plastic from the ocean and coastlines and has expanded globally with operations in Bali and Haiti. 4ocean has cleaned the ocean and coastlines in 27 countries and has partnered with 15 different nonprofit organizations in support of marine conservation.